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Refresh 2015 with Section 101

The beginning of a New Year has become synonymous with people deciding to start fresh. Be it the diet you’ve been putting off (ever notice how almost every magazine cover is about fitness in January?) or cleaning out the attic while putting away holiday decorations, January is a good month to re-start and re-charge.

I am not immune to feeling the urge to shake things up, and have recently started a home re-decorating project. What I didn’t realize is how big a job it would be and how much time I’d have to devote to it. When you change the look of one room, you need to make sure that it still flows with the rest of your visual layout. Know where I am going with this?

Changing a physical home is overwhelming – and, if you think about it, your home on the web isn’t that much different, especially when it comes to making design changes.  As adept and experienced as I am with design, I still needed some help when it came to decorating my home because often someone else is able to step in and see what you cannot. When you’re so close to something, it is hard not to feel like making one change will upset the entire presentation. When you’re designing your website, you need to look at each page, the layout, the color scheme, the fonts and make sure it has the aesthetic you want to share. All the pages on your website need to be cohesive. If it doesn’t flow, it doesn’t make for a good user experience.

Often, it helps to work with someone on defining the look of your website. You may be able to SAY what you want your website to look like, but don’t have the design skills to execute it. Or perhaps you are handy with design but don’t have the time yourself to implement what’s needed for your website to look professional.  Our DIY+ solution is available for people who need a little bit more than a DIY site, but still want to be involved with the creation and execution.

If you’re already an existing client, and need a refresh, it could be as simple as adding an Instagram page, a new creative to highlight something special (which Pentatonix did to toggle between the news of their EP and Christmas album) or even a redesign to your merch page. Think of it as a new coat of paint – you’re not changing the room, just refreshing it.

A good website needs good copy, good images, good placement and, most of all, a good eye. DIY+ is a great starter solution for clients who are looking for a calculable return on investment. Your website is a marketing promotion tool – there is literally no successful product that doesn’t have a site – and it should stand as the official source of information on you or your product. The look and feel of your website is something that visitors will take with them when they leave. Your parents weren’t wrong when they told you first impressions are important. If you’re ready to “re-decorate” in 2015, reach out to a Section 101 professional and let us help you get there in style.