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Musicians are always hoping to secure song deals for television and film placements, but only a handful get that chance. While the exposure can be amazing, there are less traditional avenues artists can now take, and with the explosion of online media channels, there are more and more ways to connect with brands and their audiences. Brands are always looking to make a direct connection to the consumer, often using music to appeal to the right demographic. Not every company is coca-cola, with an significant budget to tap in to, so it isn’t always easy to find an artist you know will appeal to your desired audience.

We recently helped to create a group of partner companies that are working together to do just that. The Quantum Collective is a collaboration between entertainment, new media, and consumer brand companies, with Section 101 as one of the charter members. Our first initiative is the “Southwest Invasion,” which will launch during the SXSW Conference in Austin, TX, where Section 101 will also be exhibiting and I will be moderating a panel [plug: On the Web, Biggest Opportunities That Others Miss, Wed, March 14th].

The Quantum Collective is acting as a matchmaker of sorts – bringing together brands with artists that make sense and vice-versa. For a brand, alignment with music is a terrific way to let your target demo know who you are and what you’re about. For the artist, pairing yourself with a brand is a terrific way to garner extra promotion, but also a smart tool in covering costs when playing a showcase sponsored by the brand. Independent acts that are associated with innovative brands result in a new way to cultivate exposure for both artist and brand.

The Quantum Collective provides 360 Degrees of involvement so all involved can help and support each other. Everyone involved will participate on promotion on behalf of both the artist and the brand. This makes the reach much stronger, wherein 1+1 doesn’t just equal 2, but equals all the companies who are part of the Collective. Using the individual strengths each participating company brings to the table, the Collective will work to create marketing, video and viral campaigns to promote artist and brand activations.

 You can learn more about the Quantum Collective and our Southwest Invasion by visiting our dedicated website: (http://QuantumCollective.org). We’re hoping we see you at one of our many events in Austin – and even if we don’t, we have a pretty far reach so we’re sure you’re going to run in to us somewhere!

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