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Tips From 'Harnessing the Power of You!'


Our July Blog focused on our experiences participating in both the New Music Seminar and A2IM conferences. We were a sponsor at A2IM and a partner at New Music Seminar, and not only did we have an incredible time speaking, showcasing, giving demonstrations, seeing live music and meeting new people, we also learned a bunch of new things. Along those lines, we discussed in the last blog the panel I moderated, Harnessing the Power of You. I wanted to use our August blog to pass along some guidelines garnered from myself and the other panelists. While everyone interested in a music career is looking for that one thing to take them to the next level, these helpful tips may, at the very least, put you on the right path:

1] Think of your brand as a relationship that needs to be nurtured, like any other. You’re asking an audience to engage with you. How do you reciprocate? It’s not hard, but it requires work, which in many ways is no different than ‘offline’ relationships.

2] Communicate. It’s very important to have a back and forth communication with your base. You should acknowledge their feedback on things you do, and engage them whenever you can. A little recognition (or tweet back!) can go a very long way. 

3] Be honest. Technology has made quick, high quality interaction possible for all. It’s a simple thought, but not always easy to execute. You need to do things to be heard above the noise. Take risks with your audience, they will appreciate your honesty and tell you when something isn’t working. 

4] Be consistent. I thought of three different Section 101 artists at different points of their career to illustrate this thought:

Kina Grannis communicates actively with her base and shares intimate stories with them, consistently. She Tweets, uses Facebook and YouTube, and her fans always know where to find her. 

Jenn Bostic does a lot of chatting to her base via Twitter, keeping them updated on what’s going on with her life and career. She also shares her adventures firsthand with her fan base. Case in point - she filmed a video of her road trip from Nashville to Austin for SXSW [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQg-cKCf9bM&feature=plcp], which was a big hit with her audience.

And finally, BUSH has started #BUSHphotofriday, where they encourage fans to send in photos they take at BUSH shows. The band then choose one each Friday to spotlight on one of BUSH’s social networks, and puts all the entries in to a special Gallery on their website. It highlights how the band value their fan base, and that speaks very loudly to those who follow them.

I hope these ‘tips’ help get you on the road to harnessing the power of you – which is really the best type of power to have! 

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