What's in the Section 101 Name?

The company name is multi purposed: partly a nod to a great location in a concert venue or theatre, partly a nod to ‘your section of the web.’ The “101” lets visitors know that this web solution is easy and intuitive, not cumbersome and confusing.


In addition, Founders Liz Leahy and Jim Hoffman both liked the word “section” because it isn’t in isolation – there are always other people in your section, or, in other words, support. Having come from a music based business model at first, the theory of owning your own band website was the key. This is the basic concept behind Section 101: Musicians, Authors, Actors, Filmmakers and Brands need to own their amazing Section of the web.


About Section 101

Section 101 delivers a dynamic web-based platform that presents simple and effective solutions for musicians, authors, Film/TV/Theatre artists and info/entertainment brands to manage and maximize their online presence.


Section 101 enables clients to create beautiful, personalized websites that are easy to use and maintain, while providing many flexible designs to make them really feel customized. In addition, Section 101 websites include social media integration, fan engagement tools, e-commerce, valuable analytic reporting and much more. Starting in 2009 with band websites, Section 101 has continued to grow their business model from music websites to include many more entertainment-based models.


Section 101 offers a premier service for clients who prefer Section 101 to supply creative input – from design and development through to the successful launch of their website - as well as a Do-It-Yourself model, providing all the tools and functionality required for clients to create their own unique website on a budget. 


Pentatonix, Duran Duran, Aimee Mann, BUSH, Joe Jackson, Rachael Yamagata, and leading entertainment entities including such as actor Vincent Spano, political analyst and author Jami Floyd, Broadway show My Mother Has Four Noses, B-W-R PR, Caroline, Radio Woodstock, the Rube Goldberg Estate and many others rely on Section 101 technology to power their digital presence.


Technology expert Jim Hoffman and Digital Branding/Marketing expert Liz Leahy founded Section 101 in 2010.


Please feel free to contact us at YourBrand@Section101.com.


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