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Tomorrow night in nyc! @Section101Tweet sponsored Climax Showcase at @CuttingRoomNYC: http://t.co/cnyzi4Z2Lb http://t.co/VI0kDtgZaq
.@AMAesthetic is performing at the @Section101Tweet sponsored Climax Showcase this weekend! http://t.co/UYu00MOg0w http://t.co/VI0kDtgZaq
RT @THR: Pentatonix (@PTXofficial) Talks Holiday Album, Touring Goals and Teaching A Cappella to Teens http://t.co/Mw1QY6Z4Zr #ThatsChristm…
RT @PTXofficial: Our holiday album #ThatsChristmasToMe is officially in stock at all @Target stores! http://t.co/j16okAq015
New tip from @Section101Tweet - Sharing is Caring! http://t.co/TMU7e8pOMQ http://t.co/EUqD7qqUM9